COVID-19 What You Need To Know

We are dedicated to providing excellent health care for your family pets and livestock. During this Coronavirus pandemic, we are planning to continue being here for your veterinary service. There are some steps that we are taking to ensure the safety of our veterinary team, clients and patients.

1. Any employee who has any symptoms will be staying home from work and getting tested for coronavirus when appropriate.

2. We are working hard to continue good sanitation and disinfection protocols within our building

3. We are being very diligent about routine hand washing for all employees and also our clients.

4. We ask any person who has concerns about entering our building or who may be exposed or carrying the virus to call us before coming into building. We can assist you by coming to your vehicle and helping with your animal or delivering pet medications/ foods to your vehicle.

5. We have an online pharmacy for your pets needs. They will deliver to your home so you can continue your pets medicines, foods, heartworm and flea & tick preventives without having to pick up at the clinic.

Pet Dentistry

Learn more about our pet dentistry below!

dog teeth close-up

 Eyota Veterinary Clinic Pet Dentistry

  Let’s face it. Your pet’s teeth are just like your own and need regular dental care. Let Eyota Veterinary Clinic show you how to incorporate the toothbrush into your pet’s daily routine.

cat laying down

Pets seldom get cavities, but tooth tartar, gingivitis and periodontal disease can happen. Our staff at Eyota Veterinary Clinic will show you the steps to take to prevent that from happening.

Sometimes there’s already too much tartar buildup on your pet’s teeth. When that happens, our team will sedate your pet and remove the tartar buildup right here at our facility.