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Allow Us to Help Your Pet Age Gracefully

Safeguarding the health of your pet is a primary concern at Eyota Veterinary Clinic especially during the senior years. Our senior wellness program allows us to help increase your pet's life span and quality of life through proactive preventive health care.

When your cat or dog reaches 7 years of age, it's considered a senior pet. Chronic conditions can develop. Our team recommends an exam every 6 months. A urinalysis, fecal exam, and blood testing should be done once a year.

Prolong the life of your cat or dog

Eyota Veterinary Clinic is offering a senior wellness package at a reduced cost. It includes:

• 2 Wellness exams per year

• 1 Complete blood count

• 1 Blood Chemistry Panel

• 1 Thyroid and cholesterol panel

• 1 Urinalysis

• 1 Fecal exam

The total cost for this package is $197. This is a 15% savings!

Take care of your senior pet

Keep your cat healthy

Trust our experience

Let us make sure your dog is okay

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