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Winter Weather Tips

By eyotaveteri28288700, Jan 28 2019 09:11PM

It's that time of year again! Frigid temperatures, school closings and of course the concern to keep our pets warm. For us humans we can bundle up with several layers to stay warm, but our pets can't. Take the time to check this article out to help protect your pets!

1. Bundle Up Your Dog

If you have a dog with thin / fine hair, consider putting a jacket on them when going outside, and if the temp is below 20 degrees F. Make sure the jacket is nice and snug and not too loose. And if you have a male dog, make sure he is able to urinate (and not on the jacket!).

2.Watch Where You Salt

Ice salt can cause irritation to the paw pads and GI upset if ingested. Select a pet-friendly ice melt to use on your sidewalk / driveway. Be cautious near other areas that are salted, and always wipe down your pets pads before coming in the house.

3.Check Under The Hood

Most indoor cats don't venture outside too much in the winter time. Even if you know your cat is in the house at all times, we still have to worry about strays. Before starting your car, always knock on the hood. This is particulary important if you notice cat tracks directly on the hood. Another area to check would be above the tires, some cats will perch there.

4.Watch Out For Frostbite

Prolonged hours outside put your pet at risk (and us humans, too!) for frostbite. If you notice any of the following symptoms, please get your pet indoor ASAP and slowly re-warm the area (lukewarm water is best)


-Coolness to the touch


-Tissue sloughing

As always, try to keep your pets comfortable during these cold times. Maybe you skip the daily walk for the day and just hang out indoors. Don't hesitate to call your local vet clinic with any questions about cold weather! Stay warm everybody!

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